Kapr Code
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Kapr Code
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How to turn the dissonance of life into the harmony of being?

Writer/Director: Lucie Králová
Director of Photography: Tomáš Stanek, Adam Olha, Petr Příkaský
Editor: Adam Brothánek
Sound: Petr Šoupa, Michal Gábor
Sound mix and design: Richard Müller

Librettist: Jiří Adámek
Music Composer: Petra Šuško
Performed by: Czech Philharmonic Choir Brno
Choirmaster: Petr Fiala
Story Editing by: Jan Gogola jr.
Musicology Researcher: Michaela Vyoralová

Producer: Mindset Pictures (Andrea Shaffer) & DOCUfilm Praha (Martin Řezníček)
Co-Producer: VIRUSfilm (Vít Janeček) & Czech Television (Helena Uldrichová)

Supported by: Czech Film Fund | South Moravian Film Fund | Slovak Film Fund | Czech Ministry of Culture


A new film by award-winning director Lucie Králová

Documentary opera exploring the nature of memory, music, and narration through imprints of controversial and progressive composer JAN KAPR, awarded by Stalin and later completely banned in communist Czechoslovakia, but performed abroad by prestigious musical bodies.

KAPR CODE transfers Kapr’s strong and ambivalent life story into opera music composition. The storyline follows the “documentary libretto” based on Kapr’s personal, never before published archive full of his magnetic tapes, letters, notes and funny sketches on 8 mm films.

17 opera singers from internationally renowned Czech Philharmonic Choir Brno sing scenes from Kapr’s life, including fragments of police reports, Kapr’s political accounts or love correspondence. Their choirmaster, Petr Fiala, is Kapr’s last living student.

KAPR CODE is a playful reconstruction of life after death; where the memory of film and Kapr’s music interacts with a story gaining mythological dimensions.