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Story/Writer/Director: Lucie Králová
Director of Photography: Tomas Stanek, Adam Olha
Script Consultant: Jan Busta
Research Leader: Martin Skala
Production Designer: Jan Komarek
Producers: Mindset Pictures & DOCUfilm Praha
Co-Producers: Virus Film (Slovakia), Langfilm (Switzerland), Toy Cinema (Ukraine), Ruth Films (Israel), Fusion Features (USA)

What information about our present and near future can we glean from our dreams?

The film portrays the stories of several ‘dream-heeders’ – people whose dreams transform them. The messages in their dreams not only affect the individuals’ personal lives, but also transcend those lives, impacting the suprapersonal (the collective).

Jana; a linguist (Czechia), Luděk; a technician (Czechia), Anzhela; an engineer and a psychotherapist (Ukraine), and Hanka; a manager (Slovakia), live relatively ordinary lives. A turning point comes with intense dreams that herald their personal issues as well as problems in our society, such as images of the coming war in Ukraine, the immigration crisis prior to its break out, a warning about ocean pollution, etc.

The character’s night lives feature ‘big dreams’ that come from the deepest layers of psyche, or in the words of C.G. Jung, from the collective unconscious. This documentary studies their dreams – that emerge from the collective unconscious to each individual’s consciousness – suggesting the direction in which humankind is developing, as well as specific events which are predicted to happen. The audience experiences how the dream-heeders respond to their ‘big dreams’, deal with them, or change their attitudes and opinions about them.

The film connects the individual stories and dreams of the named characters with a stream of dream imagery of other anonymous dreamers. These dreamers represent the world of the ‘collective hero’, a metaphor for a collective unconscious and the leitmotif of the film. This motif is assembled from visually and aurally refined images of dreams with similar motifs relating to our present.

Through stories of our heroes and by using dream material obtained with the help of international research of the common motifs in dreams, the film examines what messages about the current state of the world and its near future are already contained in our collective unconscious. Using the latest scientific research and findings about dreams, the film also shows how images in the form of dreams speak to us and how we can understand them.

The film maps the collective nature of dreams as a documentary testimony about our time and the world in which we live.