Eastern Rider
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A movie director is looking for one and a half million dollars to shoot his desired feature film. A cinematographer has decided to find himself a wife. A producer is trying to make some sense of her life. Taking chances and pushing their luck, these “eastern riders” cross physical and emotional borders, discover new worlds, cities, motives, and love, while reconsidering every aspect of their journey along the way. All the while their lives are captured in one moving, fascinating film.

Film project – Mockumentary in production since 2005.

A feature documentary project about three young filmmakers seeking a present-day land of fortune; the crew takes off from Prague venturing towards the United States through Russia…

Project: Feature Documentary, 100 min
Format: DV, 16mm, 35mm Anamorphic, digital
Status: Development, in-production since 2005
Release: 2021
Estimated Budget: 221 000 USD

Producer: Andrea Shaffer & Vlad Lanné
Director: Andrea Shaffer & Vlad Lanné
Screenplay: Andrea Shaffer & Vlad Lanné
Cinematography: Martin Matiášek, Vlad Lanné, Andrea Shaffer

Andrea, producer – Andrea Šafrová aka Shaffer
Vlad, director – Vlad Lanné
Marty, cinematographer – Martin Matiášek

The guides appear on the scene to consult and support all three principals on the path to their particular artistic goals. Every guide introduces his own story as he enters into a relationship with our heroes while being characterized through an illustrated monologue. This monologue may take different forms – that of a poem or song, dance or animation.

Czech Republic, Prague
Norbert Auerbach – former president of “United Artists”

New York, Seattle, L.A.
Juriy Gavrilenko – film director (“Ass my friends”, “20 cans of chunky soup”)
Katherine Dovlatov – writer
Michael Wesblant – hairdresser
Dallas Brennan – writer, producer (“Rock the Paint”)
Natasha Vodanova – top model
Maur Dubin – antique dealer
Justin Portman – artist, billionaire
Maryna Ajaja – poet, senior film programmer (SIFF)
Valery Ajaja – musician, manager
Vladimir Davidenko – painter, interior designer
Magali Guidasci – costume designer, dancer (“Subway”,”Nikita”,”Leon”,”Armageddon”)
Elena Baranova – producer, costume designer
Jacob Michelson – producer, dancer
Marisa Berenson – actress

To be continued…

Russia, Moscow, St. Peterburg
Yelena Yatsura – producer (..“4” 2004, “Goddess” 2004,“9th colon 2005”)
Tatina Kolganova – actress
Vadim Skvirski – actor
Konstantin Murzenko – screenplay writer, director, actor
Michael Brashinsky – creative producer, director
Boris Frumin – director, professor
Arsen Gottlieb – producer
Xenia Rappaport – actress