Vlad Lanne – a multi-faceted artist, director, writer, composer, and an actor, was born in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1970. Vlad started his career as a composer and a poet. His poems were published in France (almanac “Poesie”, Marceille, 1993) and in the USA (almanakc “Chernovik”, New York 1993).

He studied acting and directing in Russia (RGISI (www.rgisi.ru) and SPBGIKIT (www.gukit.ru) and later – completed his Master degree in film directing at Prague based FAMU under Věra Chytilová (Czech Republic). His master film „Happy End“ received two Maxim Awards in 1999, and in 2001 it gained several international awards. Later in Russia, he shot 5 TV Series (TNT Russia, NTV Russia, TET, 5thChannel). He has shot music videos and more than 50 TV commercials for leading world brands (CocaCola, Toyota, Daewoo, Procter&Gamble, SunInBrew, and SAB Miller).

During 3 years Vlad was working as an associate producer for “Current Time” TV Channel. Since 2011, Vlad has also been lecturing directing and acting in FAMO.

Mindset projects with Vlad Lanne: Shikotan fiction feature film, Eastern Rider rockumentary and Modest Genius fiction scifi-drama.