A Summer Fair
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A Summer Fair
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An entomological dark fairytale for modern times.

Writer/Director: Erlend Hella Matre

Every summer the fair returns to Modra but this year it also brings Eva. By reclaiming an attractive piece of land slated for development, Eva stirs up the whole town and threatens the Mayor’s big business plans. But the Mayor has other reasons to be worried: He knows Eva’s not in town for the land, but for the baby she was forced to leave 20 years ago. His daughter, Sandra.

Eva (37) returns to her home town Modra after a 20 years absence. Penniless, she hitch-hikes and is picked up by the entomologist Karel (26) who’s going to Modra to research a caterpillar threatened by extinction. Eva soon learns that a big piece of land, left by her recently deceased father, has been expropriated by the mayor of Modra, Ruzek (55). Eva claims the land and Ruzek reacts with aggression, but he avoids facing Eva. Simultaneously, Ruzek gets into a conflict with Karel, who thinks the land is the habitat for his rare caterpillar.

However, Ruzek’s daughter Sandra (21), takes an unexpected interest in Eva, and Eva in Sandra. In their baffling and clumsy struggle to get to know each other, both women engage intimately with Karel, taking a peculiar interest in his world of parasitic caterpillars. Ruzek and Karel’s worlds soon turn up-side-down as Eva and Sandra find themselves in a heart breaking journey trying to deal with the unspeakable; they are mother and daughter.

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Eliška Vavříková

Eva has a warm and sympathetic appearance. The child in her is never far away, there’s something wondering and naive in her eyes. She can appear to be strong and proud, but she is very fragile and struggles with low self-esteem. To hide her fears, she often plays cool and tough. But she never lies, and her honesty can often be a challenge for others. For many years she struggled with heroin addiction, but is now clean.

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Johana Matoušková

Sandra is intelligent and often seems to be strong and proud, but it’s just a facade. She can also appear cold and detached and she is definitely spoiled (materialistically) and neglected (emotionally). Although 22 years old, she never quite behaves as her age would indicate. She can’t leave Modra, she is waiting for her mother to turn up.

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Jaroslav Dušek

Pepa was born and raised in Modra, then left for many years before returning and taking over his childhood home. He is very introvert but generally liked. His own simplified version of Buddhism has become the center of his life and helps him suppress the rage that always used to get him into trouble. He lives alone and runs his boat rental business during the summer season.

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Leoš Noha

Ruzek is the mayor of the town. He smiles, jokes and laughs a lot, but straight under this surface he’s a brute who steps over dead bodies to get what he wants. His ambitions control him completely. He’s in a relationship with his secretary at the town hall, Lenka. Although he does love her, he keeps her at an arm’s length and still lives in the house with his mother and daughter Sandra.