A Summer Fair
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A Summer Fair
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An entomological dark fairytale for modern times.

Writer/Director: Erlend Hella Matre
Producer: Andrea Shaffer
DoP: J-P Passi
Editor: Michal Lánský & Steffi Thors
Co-producers: Lucy Loves Drama (OY), Kfs production

After 20 years of rough life in a big city, Eva Brodská comes back to her small hometown to the funeral of her father. The hometown is soon to get a face-lift: a huge construction is planned to begin once the investments are at place.

So, a lot has changed, but one thing is still the same: the secret that once set Eva on the run.

Reluctant to face her past, she just wants to bury her father and leave. But this time, it is not only about Eva. This time, it is about the land that she owns at the construction site – and the baby girl she once left behind, who now is a messed-up young lady.

Will Eva keep on running, or will she stop and turn to face her past? Will she find the strength to fight the odds, and finally claim what is hers?

Summer Fair Is a story of weakness and pride, power and love, and of family ties that sometimes are lost, but still possible to recover. It Is a story of Eva Brodská and the people that are her family – whether she wanted it or not.

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Eliška Vavříková

Eva has a warm and sympathetic appearance. The child in her is never far away, there’s something wondering and naive in her eyes. She can appear to be strong and proud, but she is very fragile and struggles with low self-esteem. To hide her fears, she often plays cool and tough. But she never lies, and her honesty can often be a challenge for others. For many years she struggled with heroin addiction, but is now clean.

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Johana Matoušková

Sandra is intelligent and often seems to be strong and proud, but it’s just a facade. She can also appear cold and detached and she is definitely spoiled (materialistically) and neglected (emotionally). Although 22 years old, she never quite behaves as her age would indicate. She can’t leave Modra, she is waiting for her mother to turn up.

image character
Jaroslav Dušek

Pepa was born and raised in Modra, then left for many years before returning and taking over his childhood home. He is very introvert but generally liked. His own simplified version of Buddhism has become the center of his life and helps him suppress the rage that always used to get him into trouble. He lives alone and runs his boat rental business during the summer season.

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Leoš Noha

Ruzek is the mayor of the town. He smiles, jokes and laughs a lot, but straight under this surface he’s a brute who steps over dead bodies to get what he wants. His ambitions control him completely. He’s in a relationship with his secretary at the town hall, Lenka. Although he does love her, he keeps her at an arm’s length and still lives in the house with his mother and daughter Sandra.