Eduardo is an awarded Spanish short formats director based in London, UK.

He has a master degree in Audiovisual communication at Complutense University of Madrid, fine arts at Arts School of Madrid and photography. Loving design and painting, he started directing music videos in the age of 20 and developed passion for design as postproduction art director.

Eduardo is currently working for biggest brands, creative agencies and production companies on international campaigns all along the world: BMW, NIKE, COKE, SONY, SAMSUNG, DUREX, MTV, McDONALD’S, HEINEKEN, GREENPEACE, MOVISTAR, ORANGE, BRAUN, DUREX, etc.

Eduardo spends a lot of time in many different countries as USA, UK, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, China, Turkey, etc. A priceless life time experience, that enriched him of so many different cultures and practicing languages, as French or Mandarin.

Eduardo’s first big short film in Syrian border, a fiction story exploring the Syrian conflict and the refugee cause, based in true facts, that was launched on November 2017 with the aim of putting our bit to help Syrian people, was already awarded in a lot of international festivals all around the world. An enriching but really tough experience that encouraged him to get involved in this new adventure to send an optimistic message about how important is to live our lives properly.