(Drama, development)

A feature film debut produced, written, directed and co-produced by Erlend Hella Matré.

Cast: Jaroslav Dušek, Leoš Noha, Eliška Vavříková, Johana Matoušková, Jacob   Erftemeijer

How do you approach a young woman who has no idea who you are, and tell her you’re her mother? Eva (36) is torn between the need for recognition and the fear of rejection. She doubts she has the right to tell Sandra (22) who she is… Sandra has similar problems; trapped between her dominating father and controlling grandmother she slowly suffocates in her own home. But Sandra can’t leave; what if her mother suddenly turns up? The young entomologist Karel (26) offers a possibility for both women: Sandra uses Karel to escape her home while Eva uses Karel to get closer to Sandra.